AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2022-05-16mLinux 6.0.1 with LNA3 Verizon SMS fixHEAD6.0.1b6.0.1masterJohn Klug2
2022-05-13lora: remove debug conf from default MTAC-003 filesJason Reiss4
2022-05-03Remove pycparser from python3-cffiJohn Klug1
2022-05-02Fix bt-pan tabbing for Python 3John Klug1
2022-04-29python3-pygattlib is not yet readyJohn Klug1
2022-04-29Fix python issues in mLinuxJohn Klug10
2022-04-22Updated lora gateway, packet forwarder and network server tagsHarsh Sharma3
2022-04-20Updated lora tagsHarsh Sharma3
2022-04-18Add new modbus slave feature, Rogers Certs, AT&T SunsetJohn Klug3
2022-04-14Revert "Added lora basic station recipe for sx1303"Harsh Sharma7
2022-04-12MTCAP3: Fix tpm2-tss-engine for new versions of opensslSerhii Kostiuk1
2022-04-12Added lora basic station recipe for sx1303Harsh Sharma7
2022-04-11lora: update sx1303 gatewayJohn Klug1
2022-04-08Merge branch 'ap/MTX-4329' into 6Jeff Hatch2
2022-04-08lora-gateway-sx1303 uses gitJohn Klug1
2022-04-08Updated sx1303 checksumHarsh Sharma1
2022-04-08lora 1303 changed src uri to use httpsHarsh Sharma1
2022-04-08Updated lora 1303 recipeHarsh Sharma1
2022-04-08MTX-4329 mPower R.6.0.x: MTCAP3 - TPM Support, brownout detection / response ...Andrii Pientsov2
2022-04-04Updated lora 1303 tagHarsh Sharma1
2022-04-04Fix errors in READMEJohn Klug1
2022-04-04How to build an image from the source tarballJohn Klug4
2022-04-01set -x was left in by mistakeJohn Klug1
2022-03-31Remove gitlab from recipeJohn Klug1
2022-03-30Files in directories were not preserved when update image was written.John Klug1
2022-03-28Use https for feedsJohn Klug1
2022-03-25Move some downloads to httpJohn Klug7
2022-03-25Build should use https, not http or clear gitJohn Klug7
2022-03-24Updated lora gateway sx1303 tagHarsh Sharma1
2022-03-23github no longer accepts clear git protocol so switch to httpsJohn Klug6
2022-03-22Fix typo in mlinux.confJohn Klug1
2022-03-22Removed ignored semaphores from 6.0 release, updates open-embeddedJohn Klug1
2022-03-18Add OpenSSL 1.1.1n to override 1.1.1k for CVE-2022-0778Jeff Hatch7
2022-03-15Clone and fix so to fix incorrect usage of extrausers class...Mykyta Dorokhin2
2022-03-15Fix incorrect usage of extrausers class instead of useradd class in tpm2-tss_...Mykyta Dorokhin1
2022-03-10Guard against circular symlinksJohn Klug1
2022-03-10Updated lns tagHarsh Sharma1
2022-03-10Remove unused file with bugsJohn Klug1
2022-03-09Bump mlinux distro version 6.0.0dev7John Klug1
2022-03-09Add jffs2 overlay and update config for jffs2 overlayJohn Klug9
2022-03-03Fix the prompt for sysvinit-inittab-start-open package for mLinux test imageJohn Klug2
2022-03-03LoRa updates and mts-io-sysfs with MTAC-003John Klug1
2022-02-28[MTX-4410] fix pcre/pcre2 mirrorsMaksym Telychko2
2022-02-24Updated lora 1303 tagsharma-mts1
2022-02-24Added tmp102 address to lora 1303 conf filessharma-mts6
2022-02-24Updated lora sx1303 tagsharma-mts1
2022-02-23GPIOD kernel library mts-io/mtac driverJohn Klug1
2022-02-10Updated lora 1303sharma-mts8
2022-02-09Merge branch 'vs/mtx-4376' into 6Jeff Hatch4