AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2022-04-11Added overlay pins to MTCDTIPHEAD6. Sharma1
2022-04-06Fix AP1-LORA conflict with MTAC-MFSER/MTAC-XDOT on Rev L MTCDTJohn Klug1
2022-03-31Cannot use AUTOREV in the releaseJohn Klug1
2022-03-23Move mts-id-eeprom to repositoryJohn Klug1
2022-03-21Updated mts-io-sysfs commitHarsh Sharma1
2022-03-17Updated overlay and sysfs tagsHarsh Sharma2
2022-03-10Updated mts-io-sysfs tagHarsh Sharma1
2022-03-09Fix HW-Version in Log, prevent missing EEPROM path OOPSJohn Klug1
2022-03-03Updated mts-io, mts-io-syfs tags and changed src_uri to git.multitechHarsh Sharma3
2022-03-03Updated mtac lora tagHarsh Sharma1
2022-03-02Use gpiod library in mtac-xdotJohn Klug1
2022-03-01Updated mtac and mts-io-sysfs tagsHarsh Sharma2
2022-02-28Move MTAC-PULSE to GPIO descriptor library in the kernelJohn Klug1
2022-02-28Move MTAC-ETH to GPIO descriptor library in the kernelJohn Klug1
2022-02-25Move MTAC-GPIOB to GPIO descriptor library in the kernelJohn Klug1
2022-02-25Updates mts-io-sysfs tagHarsh Sharma1
2022-02-24Allow creation of mts-io-sysfs-dbg to remove warnings from buildJohn Klug1
2022-02-24Updated mtac lora tagsharma-mts1
2022-02-24Moved mts-io-sysfs openssl to dependssharma-mts1
2022-02-24Added openssl to mts-io-sysfssharma-mts1
2022-02-24MTAC-GPIOB and LoRa overlaysJohn Klug1
2022-02-24Updated mts-io-sysfs and mtac-lora tagssharma-mts2
2022-02-18version 2.0 mtac-mfser is based on version 1.1.1John Klug1
2022-02-18Prevent waiting for the supercap when the EEPROM is not writtenJohn Klug1
2022-02-18Convert mtac driver to use gpio descriptorsJohn Klug1
2022-02-16New 4.8.4 mts-io for new device tree and overlay 1.2.0John Klug3
2022-02-04Add MTCDTIP case to call modprobe spidev in mts-io.initJason Reiss1
2022-02-03Fix GPS on MTCDTIP2John Klug2
2022-02-02Merge branch 'vs/mtx-4338' into 6Jeff Hatch2
2022-01-31Fix the mt-dt-overlay path to the EEPROM for MTCAPJohn Klug1
2022-01-31Add USB Hub GPIOs to mts-ioJohn Klug1
2022-01-14Merge branch 'vs/mtx-4338' into 6Jeff Hatch6
2022-01-13Remove extra resets caused by new at91bootstrapJohn Klug2
2022-01-11Set reset length to 1250mS for new MTCDT-0.2 and MTCDTIP-0.1John Klug1
2022-01-11Add mts-wait-for-cell-reset to detect cellular reset completionJohn Klug1
2022-01-11Set EHCI (High Speed USB) by default for MTCDTJohn Klug1
2022-01-11Enable EHCI (High speed USB) for MTCDT-0.0 and MTCDT-0.1John Klug1
2022-01-11suppress rs9113 reset until /etc/init.d/rs9113John Klug1
2022-01-11Support for MTCDTIP with overlayJohn Klug5
2021-12-23Merge branch 'ap/MTX-4274' into 6Jeff Hatch8
2021-12-23Set AUTOREV for mtac 4.1.2Andrii Pientsov1
2021-12-23Remove unnecessary patches for mts-io. Switch mtac-lora from 1.1.5 to 1.1.9.Andrii Pientsov4
2021-12-22lora: update mtac-lora with temp GPIO pins for MTAC-003, needs support for MT...Jason Reiss1
2021-11-30MTAC-GPIO: Rename mt_ac_gpiob.ko -> mtac_gpiob.koAndrii Pientsov1
2021-11-24AP2 GPIO3 and GPIO4 were incorrect for MTCDT-0.2John Klug1
2021-11-24MTAC 4.1.1 to fix some AP2 pinsJohn Klug1
2021-11-24Fix USART4 overlay for MTRV1-0.4Andrii Pientsov2
2021-11-18Switch back mtac-lora tag to 1.1.5Andrii Pientsov1
2021-11-18Update mt-dt-overlay PCA9557 related pins per schematic Rev L 11/08/2021John Klug1
2021-11-18Corrections for Using for repositoriesJohn Klug3