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2022-05-06Updated gps thread to use gpsd streamHEAD4.0.22masterHarsh Sharma1
2022-04-29Fixed tx power calculation with antenna gain4.0.21Harsh Sharma1
2022-04-26Added state management for gps read failure4.0.20Harsh Sharma1
2022-04-22Bug fix: GPS configuration for dual cards4.0.19Harsh Sharma1
2022-04-21Changed gps thread to use gpspipe4.0.18Harsh Sharma1
2022-01-24remove out of sync message, not applicable4.0.17Jason Reiss1
2022-01-24fix syntax error4.0.16Jason Reiss1
2022-01-24wait 32s before scheduling beacons4.0.15Jason Reiss1
2021-12-10Check old and new spidev paths for mts-io reset.4.0.14Jason Reiss1
2021-12-07Add restart interval configJason Reiss1
2021-11-29Skip err accumulation if calculated error is 0.0 during calibration4.0.13Jason Reiss1
2021-06-21fix difftime call args4.0.12Jason Reiss1
2021-06-21Change the auto restart to use process clock time rather than sx1301 counter4.0.11Jason Reiss1
2021-04-15increment size with each temp table4.0.10Jason Reiss1
2021-04-15increment size with each temp table4.0.9Jason Reiss1
2021-04-14check size of temp tables loadedJason Reiss1
2021-04-08load lut into lgw when temp comp is enabled4.0.8Jason Reiss1
2021-04-01Check if temp is below lowest table.4.0.7Jason Reiss1
2021-03-04Add periodic restart. PKF will run for about 800 min before stopping and exp...4.0.6Jason Reiss1
2021-02-19reduce LUT temperature file size4.0.5Jason Reiss1
2021-01-25Load temperature adjusted LUT values and tables when temp_lut.json configurai...4.0.3Jason Reiss3
2020-12-28Merge branch 'add-new-gpsd' into 'master' Sharma1
2020-12-28Unused variable cleanupHarsh Sharma1
2020-12-28Merge branch 'add-new-gpsd' into 'master' Harsh Sharma1
2020-12-22Added changes for gps thread to work with the gpsd libraryHarsh Sharma1
2020-12-07Apply max power limit to beacon power, reduced by antenna gain4.0.1-mts-11Jason Reiss1
2020-12-04Add temperature compensation matrix supportJason Reiss2
2020-11-18Add tx power limit in global_conf.json4.0.1-mts-10Jason Reiss1
2020-11-12Remove periodic LBT restart, LBT issue was found in FPGA code and fixed in v354.0.1-mts-9Jason Reiss1
2020-09-14Update lora_pkt_fwd.c - AU915 and US915 beacon format is was different becaus...4.0.1-mts-8Jason Reiss1
2020-05-04Update lora_pkt_fwd.c : disable duty-cycle by default4.0.1-mts-7Jason Reiss1
2020-04-09add time-on-air check before transmitting4.0.1-mts-5Jason Reiss1
2020-04-09Merge branch 'master' of Reiss1
2020-04-09add time-on-air check before transmittingJason Reiss2
2020-04-06Update lora_pkt_fwd.c 4.0.1-mts-4Jason Reiss1
2020-04-06Update lora_pkt_fwd.c Jason Reiss1
2020-03-31add duty-cycle limit optionsJason Reiss1
2020-03-20Add periodic LBT restart and lgw sx1301 page monitorJason Reiss1
2020-03-20Merge branch 'revert-b41e94f6' into 'master' Jason Reiss1
2020-03-20Revert "Add LBT periodic restart and lgw_page monitor"Jason Reiss1
2020-03-20Update lora_pkt_fwd.cJason Reiss1
2020-03-20Add lbt_enabled flagJason Reiss1
2020-03-20Add LBT periodic restart and lgw_page monitorJason Reiss1
2019-10-29Changed max tx power to not be limited to 324.0.1-mts-3Harsh Sharma1
2019-10-29Added support for setting max tx power if the FPGA supports itHarsh Sharma1
2019-10-03Changed version string to based on just git describeHarsh Sharma1
2019-10-03Added rety with pin reset when concentrator does not start and changed build ...Harsh Sharma2
2019-09-25MTAC cards with fpga v28 are not allowed to run the spectral scan thread. GP-...Harsh Sharma2
2019-09-20Remove xtal correction requirement for beacons check that sheduling times loo...Jason Reiss1
2019-09-20Beacon: reset last beacon if time change is detected.Jason Reiss1