AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2011-11-03at91bootstrap-2.13: mtcdp - use slow slew rate for SDRAMHEADmultitech-corecdp-1.xJesse Gilles2
2011-10-31busybox: install suid root if configured that wayJesse Gilles1
2011-07-19cyrus-sasl-2.1.19 plugin patchJames Maki2
2011-03-11linux-2.6.32: use board patch for mtcdp-embeddedJesse Gilles2
2011-03-11at91bootstrap-2.13: run memory bus at 1.8v for mtcdp-embeddedJesse Gilles3
2011-03-07added mtcdp-embedded machine typeJesse Gilles18
2011-01-05CoreCDP version 1.1.1corecdp-1.1.1Jesse Gilles2
2011-01-05linux-2.6.32: fix hardware flow control in atmel_serialJesse Gilles2
2010-12-30linux-2.6.32: add FTDI and usb printer modulesJesse Gilles2
2010-12-30mts-io: add 0.4.1 for external serial RX fixJesse Gilles3
2010-12-27uboot-setenv: remove baudrate from script, fixes setting ip addressJesse Gilles1
2010-12-20u-boot: change default ethernet hardware addressJesse Gilles2
2010-12-17CoreCDP version 1.1.0corecdp-1.1.0Jesse Gilles2
2010-12-17linux-2.6.32: bump PR for new patchesJesse Gilles1
2010-12-17config: bump PR for gsm defaults changeJesse Gilles1
2010-12-17ppp gsm config: add ipcp-restart 10 to increase timeoutJesse Gilles1
2010-12-17switch to linux and mts-io 0.4.0Jesse Gilles1
2010-12-17add mts-io 0.4.0Jesse Gilles2
2010-12-17corecdp-base-image: add lrzszJesse Gilles1
2010-12-17uboot-setenv: set serverip after ipaddrJesse Gilles1
2010-12-17add protobuf 2.3.0Jesse Gilles3
2010-12-17corecdp-base-image: add mts-id-eepromJesse Gilles1
2010-12-17add mts-id-eeprom 0.0.1Jesse Gilles1
2010-12-17at25 patch to set a8 bit in write instructionJames Maki2
2010-12-17new linux- patch setJames Maki3
2010-12-17add spi eeprom and flash driver to defconfig for buildsJames Maki1
2010-12-17disable at91_add_device_ssc()James Maki2
2010-10-19linux-2.6.28: bump PR for RTT interrupt patchcorecdp- Gilles1
2010-10-18set the preferred version of mts-io from mtcdp.confJames Maki2
2010-10-18New 2.6.28 patch setJames Maki2
2010-10-18make the default version while using 2.6.28James Maki1
2010-10-18set the preferred linux version back to 2.6.28 for nowJames Maki1
2010-09-24openssl: upgrade to 0.9.8mJesse Gilles44
2010-09-17mts-io: add 0.3.0+git (0.4.0 pre-release)Jesse Gilles4
2010-09-17linux- update at91_mci 4-wire patch from atmelJesse Gilles2
2010-09-17update linux- kernel patchesJames Maki3
2010-09-09move to linux- Maki7
2010-08-26CoreCDP version 1.0.2corecdp-1.0.2Jesse Gilles2
2010-08-26corecdp-full-image: add sms-utilsJesse Gilles1
2010-08-25sms-utils: add 0.0.4 for real this timeJesse Gilles2
2010-08-25sms-utils: update to version 0.0.4Jesse Gilles1
2010-07-28CoreCDP version 1.0.1corecdp-1.0.1Jesse Gilles2
2010-07-28config: add MTCDP-G2,H4,EV2 device examples to ppp/optionsJesse Gilles2
2010-07-27mts-io: add v0.3.0Jesse Gilles3
2010-05-27mono: fix 2.6.3 checksumsJesse Gilles4
2010-05-27mono: Add version 2.6.3Jesse Gilles41
2010-05-18remove \r from uboot-setenvJames Maki1
2010-05-13patch was not suppoed to contain CROSS_COMPILE linecorecdp-1.0.0James Maki1
2010-05-13uboot-setenv: remove MAC address, update hostnameJesse Gilles1
2010-05-13CoreCDP version 1.0.0Jesse Gilles1