BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
multitech-corecdp-1.xat91bootstrap-2.13: mtcdp - use slow slew rate for SDRAMJesse Gilles11 years
multitech-corecdp-devMerge branch 'multitech-corecdp-1.x' into multitech-corecdp-devJesse Gilles12 years
org.openembedded.devgcc: added 2010.09 Linaro release of gcc-4.5Marcin Juszkiewicz12 years
rmupdate imageJames Maki12 years
testingqt4-embedded: avoid circular dependencies for reciped providing qt4-embeddedBjörn Krombholz12 years
corecdp-1.1.1commit ee2042a17c...Jesse Gilles12 years
corecdp-1.1.0commit 9d8fee76b0...Jesse Gilles12 years
corecdp- 066f4831e2...Jesse Gilles12 years
corecdp-1.0.2commit 7fbbd108b9...Jesse Gilles12 years
corecdp-1.0.1commit 58aff3265c...Jesse Gilles12 years
corecdp-1.0.0commit 65027fd1a6...James Maki13 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2011-11-03at91bootstrap-2.13: mtcdp - use slow slew rate for SDRAMHEADmultitech-corecdp-1.xJesse Gilles2
2011-10-31busybox: install suid root if configured that wayJesse Gilles1
2011-07-19cyrus-sasl-2.1.19 plugin patchJames Maki2
2011-03-11linux-2.6.32: use board patch for mtcdp-embeddedJesse Gilles2
2011-03-11at91bootstrap-2.13: run memory bus at 1.8v for mtcdp-embeddedJesse Gilles3
2011-03-07added mtcdp-embedded machine typeJesse Gilles18
2011-01-05CoreCDP version 1.1.1corecdp-1.1.1Jesse Gilles2
2011-01-05linux-2.6.32: fix hardware flow control in atmel_serialJesse Gilles2
2010-12-30linux-2.6.32: add FTDI and usb printer modulesJesse Gilles2
2010-12-30mts-io: add 0.4.1 for external serial RX fixJesse Gilles3