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2022-10-11If the device is MTR, the system shall assume that the radio modem is always ...HEAD4.9.12masterSerhii Voloshynov2
2022-10-11remove duplicate has-radioSerhii Voloshynov1
2022-09-23add missing has-radio4.9.10Serhii Voloshynov2
2022-09-23MTX-4571 MTCDT3AC: Fix log outputVyacheslav Pedash1
2022-09-23MTX-4571 MTCDT3AC: FixesVyacheslav Pedash3
2022-09-23MTX-4571 MTCDT3AC: Add MTCPM v 0.2Vyacheslav Pedash2
2022-09-23Genrate trigger events for LEDs instead of direct GPIO control.Vyacheslav Pedash1
2022-09-23Fix mtcpm LED attributesVyacheslav Pedash2
2022-09-23Use gpiod for mtcpmVyacheslav Pedash1
2022-09-23mtcap3: respect backoff timers on radio resetMykyta Dorokhin1
2022-09-23[MTX-4480] mPower R.6.0.X: MTCAP3 - Filesystem Encryption capability GP-1586Mykola Salomatin3
2022-04-12Update mts-io to use gpiod for MTCAP34.9.4Harsh Sharma6
2022-04-12Create symlink in /sys/devices/platform to mts-io node in case it is placed i...4.9.3Vyacheslav Pedash3
2022-04-12Fix README grammerJohn Klug1
2022-03-07Wrong board announced for MTCAP, fix oops when EEPROM is not read correctly4.9.2John Klug2
2022-02-17Unload the driver if platform_driver register fails, add README to explain th...4.9.1John Klug4
2022-02-16GPIO descriptor feature, remove mts-io-0 platform device4.9.0sharma-mts8
2022-02-16mtcap3: correct init valies for the leds, change led namesMykyta Dorokhin1
2022-02-16mtcap3: fix sysfs radio attributes for no-radio devicesMykyta Dorokhin1
2022-02-16MTX-4356 mPower R.6.0.x: MTCAP3 - GP-1352, PP-477 : need --capa-lora-lbt for ...Andrii Pientsov1
2022-02-16MTX-4356 mPower R.6.0.x: MTCAP3 - GP-1352, PP-477 : need --capa-lora-lbt for ...Andrii Pientsov4
2022-01-23Add monitor pins for USB Host Power Control4.8.4jklug3
2021-12-28Set reset length to 1250mS for new MTCDT-0.2 and MTCDTIP- Klug3
2021-12-07mts-io version 4.8.2 for MTCDTIP- Klug4
2021-11-22Bump up overall package version to match the driver4.8.1John Klug1
2021-11-22Remove secure reset (conflict in MTCDT-0.2), fix unsupported sleep/wakeup sig...John Klug2
2021-11-22Revision A hardware supportMike Nicholson1
2021-11-12Bump the version of the mts-io package4.8.0John Klug1
2021-11-12MTCDT-0.2 with PCA9557 supportJohn Klug9
2021-09-10Fix syntax error in radio_udev_discovery.c4.7.2John Klug1
2021-09-10Simplify reset test, and test removal of the process from the tableJohn Klug1
2021-09-10Fix kernel regression, put radio reset monitor on all productsJohn Klug10
2021-09-08Fix mts-io radio-udev-discovery feature for Linux Klug3
2021-09-03radio reset monitor feature and MTRV1-0.4 hardware4.7.0John Klug14
2021-08-10MTCAP3-0.0 mts-io version Klug4
2021-08-10Added mtac-003 reset scriptsHarsh Sharma2
2021-08-10Use upstream USB hub for resetMike Nicholson1
2021-08-10Add MTRE supportJohn Klug6
2021-08-10Correct gnss int and hub resetMike Nicholson1
2021-02-19The CD/STATUS LED GPIOS changed on CPM, update to use new ones4.5.3Mike Nicholson1
2021-01-20Bump driver version for 5.4 kernel changes4.5.2John Klug2
2021-01-20linux5.4: fix kernel module build issuesMykyta Dorokhin7
2020-12-03Fix supercap power-down feature for 4.19 kernel4.5.1John Klug3
2020-11-24Add Makefile changes for supercap worker object file to build4.5.0Jeff Hatch1
2020-11-23Supercap-monitor featureJohn Klug2
2020-11-23Fix cleanup of supercap worker so that it doesn't cause kernel panic during u...Jeff Hatch3
2020-11-23Add supercap_worker to handle supercap gpio and signal supercap-monitorJeff Hatch4
2020-11-16Stabilize mt100eocg temperature readings4.4.6John Klug3
2020-11-02Fix conflict between mts-io and mtcdt3b over has-radio attribute4.4.5John Klug4
2020-10-30More documentation of hw-versionsJohn Klug1