AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2021-03-11Removed jsoncpp dependancyHEAD1.0.7masterHarsh Sharma2
2019-11-01Redirect output to /dev/null1.0.6Jason Reiss1
2019-11-01Add short circuit if LNS is not listening on port 66771.0.5Jason Reiss1
2017-11-10remove node commands, use -x or --command to interface network server and use...1.0.4Jason Reiss1
2017-06-01Revert to "node stats" command1.0.3Jason Reiss1
2017-05-01Add --command (-x) option to pass all parameters to command port interfaceJason Reiss1
2017-04-12Node List: sequence number and packet counters are uint32 valuesJason Reiss1
2016-03-23stats: convert min/max/avg values to float to keep possible decimals1.0.2Jason Reiss1
2016-02-25update help1.0.1Jason Reiss1
2016-02-24Add commands: node-config, node-add, node-update, node-delete1.0.0Jason Reiss1
2015-07-13feature: add stats reset0.0.2Jason Reiss1
2015-05-22initial commit0.0.1Jesse Gilles5