AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2022-03-21mtcap fpga loader bug fixHEAD0.2.4masterHarsh Sharma2
2022-03-16Getopt bug fix0.2.3Harsh Sharma1
2022-03-16Fixed fpga loaderHarsh Sharma7
2022-03-10Added mtcap default case for 2.4g card in case it is added in the future0.2.2Harsh Sharma1
2022-03-10Updated lora 2g4 card to use symlinked names to prevent linking to incorrect ...0.2.1Harsh Sharma1
2022-03-10Updated lora 2g4 class to support dual cardsHarsh Sharma1
2022-03-03LoRa updates with MTAC-0030.2.0Harsh Sharma21
2021-01-21Merge branch 'ap/GP-995' into 'master' 0.1.14Jeff Hatch1
2021-01-21[IN:4192] MTCDT3AC: Lost Internet Browsing and IP Table issue - GP-995Andrii Pientsov1
2020-12-18Merge branch 'ms/MTX-3769_new_capa_tpm' into 'master' Jeff Hatch2
2020-12-18[MTX-3769] Conduit 300: New Capability - TPMmykola.salomatin1
2020-12-18[MTX-3769] Conduit 300: New Capability - TPMmykola.salomatin2
2020-12-16Merge branch 'ms/MTX-3768_new_capa_docker' into 'master' Jeff Hatch1
2020-12-15[MTX-3768] Conduit 300: New Capability - Docker supportmykola.salomatin1
2020-11-19Merge branch 'vp/switch_node' into 'master' Jeff Hatch2
2020-11-19Add "ethSwitch" nodeVyacheslav Pedash2
2020-11-09Changed mtcdt3 lora card identifier from product-id to hw version0.1.10Harsh Sharma2
2020-11-06Fixed spi path and fpga version functionality for mtcdt3Harsh Sharma3
2020-08-28Add supercap capablility initializationMike Nicholson1
2020-06-03Bug fix: GP-6820.1.8Harsh Sharma2
2020-02-26Changed key macAddress2 to macAddress1Harsh Sharma2
2020-02-26Added macAddress2Harsh Sharma3
2020-01-15Added port to accessory card list. Added sorting for accessory card array if ...Harsh Sharma10
2020-01-10Added flags make strip to reduce output sizeHarsh Sharma2
2020-01-10Bug fix: device info list declaration and valid directory checkHarsh Sharma3
2020-01-10RefectoringHarsh Sharma3
2020-01-09Bug fix: mtcdt 2.1 FPGA matching was not working as requiredHarsh Sharma5
2020-01-09Added spidev as to accessory card object, moved setting capabilities for lora...Harsh Sharma9
2020-01-08Bug fix: fileExists struct was not initializedHarsh Sharma1
2020-01-08Added error checking file read and statHarsh Sharma3
2020-01-07Refactored accessory cards classes with inheritence, fixed Makefile clean, mo...Harsh Sharma19
2020-01-06Changed radio capability to be based on has_radio fileHarsh Sharma5
2020-01-02Added capability radio retry with a retry count and sleep timerHarsh Sharma4
2019-12-26Bug fix: Added cellWwan capabilityHarsh Sharma1
2019-12-20Changed ccflags-yHarsh Sharma3
2019-12-20Bug fix for writing device_info.jsonHarsh Sharma4
2019-12-19Initial commitHarsh Sharma55