AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2022-07-06MTX-4532 Update to v 1.1.13HEAD1.1.13masterVyacheslav Pedash0
2022-07-06MTX-4532 Remove obsolete Atmel GPIO mappings from the mtac moduleVyacheslav Pedash1
2022-03-03initial support for mtac-003 mtac card1.1.12Harsh Sharma3
2020-10-20Use correct reset for cdone1.1.5John Klug1
2020-10-02remove authorJohn Klug1
2020-10-02User generic MTAC pin names for LoRaJohn Klug1
2020-03-10Update mtac_lora.c1.1.4Jason Reiss1
2020-03-10Update mtac_lora.c DRIVER_VERSION to 1.1.3Jason Reiss1
2020-02-11Add support for MTAC-LORA-2G4-0.0 cards with reset and boot RW pins1.1.3Jason Reiss1
2018-11-02Fix up CRESET and CDONE for LoRa H1.1.2John Klug1
2018-10-26Fix description and excessive log info messages.1.1.1John Klug1
2018-10-25Use mtac_free function in lora_exit1.1.0John Klug1
2018-10-15mtac LoRa derived from mts-io Klug7