AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2023-06-05Make $OEROOT a safe directory for git to prevent mlinux-version build issueHEADmasterJohn Klug1
2023-06-02Correct documentation issues in setup.shJohn Klug1
2023-05-25Update patches for Dunfell branch6.3.0John Klug3
2023-05-25Remove obsolete python2 layerJohn Klug1
2023-05-24Final mLinux 6.3.0 Distro Version with Yocto Dunfell (3.1)John Klug14
2022-10-20Must have BLUETOOTH_FEATURES defined in mlinux-mtrv1-image6.0.1cJohn Klug1
2022-10-19LPF for MTCAP, Remove rs9113 from some MTRV1 builds6.0.1bJohn Klug1
2022-08-17Move mLinux from git:// to https://6.0.1aJohn Klug1
2022-05-27Use correct repository for mLinux build6.0.1John Klug1
2022-05-25mLinux 6John Klug378