AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2015-03-31icedtea6, openjdk-6: remove currency data generation expiration dateHEAD2.3.4masterJesse Gilles4
2015-03-31corecdp: set version 2.3.4Jesse Gilles1
2015-01-28corecdp: bump CORECDP_LAYER_INCJesse Gilles1
2015-01-28eglibc-2.12: add eglibc-CVE-2015-0235.patch to fix GHOST vulnerabilityJesse Gilles3
2015-01-28linux-2.6.35: mt100eocg: add linux- Gilles1
2015-01-28udev-165:corecdp:corecdp.rules: Fixed the commentBryan Tran2
2015-01-28linux-2.6.35:linux- Add Telit LTE patchBryan Tran4
2015-01-28at91bootstrap:at91bootstrap_2.13.bbappend: Add more nand ids (Toshiba,Spansion)Bryan Tran1
2015-01-28at91bootstrap-2.13:add_more_nand_ids.patch: Add more nand ids (Toshiba,Spansion)Bryan Tran1
2014-12-08ca-certificates: add 20130610 versionJesse Gilles5
2014-12-01corecdp.conf: use lighttpd 1.4.35 by defaultJesse Gilles1
2014-12-01lighttpd: add 1.4.35Jesse Gilles5
2014-09-29bash: update to 3.2.54 -- fixes "shellshock" CVEsJesse Gilles4
2014-06-20contrib/uboot-setenv-mtocgd: chain uboot commands with &&Jesse Gilles1
2014-06-09add meta-toolchain-corecdp and related tasksJesse Gilles4
2014-06-04corecdp: bump LAYER_INCJesse Gilles1
2014-06-04procps: depend on ncurses-terminfo-base instead (smaller)Jesse Gilles1
2014-05-09multitech/config: add dbus user and groupJesse Gilles3
2014-05-06at91bootstrap-2.13: mtcdp: use fast SDRAM slew rateJesse Gilles2
2014-04-21wl12xx-firmware_r5: fix default wl1271-nvs.binJesse Gilles4
2014-04-17at91bootstrap: add at91bootstrap-2.13-enable-watchdog.patchJesse Gilles1
2014-04-09wl12xx-scripts: use uname to get kernel versionJesse Gilles2
2014-04-04wl12xx-firmware: recipe and bluetooth file clean upJesse Gilles17
2014-04-04corecdp: use wl1271 R5.SP4.01 releaseJesse Gilles1
2014-04-04wl12xx-firmware: add R5.SP4.01, rename older versionJesse Gilles8
2014-04-04ti-wifi-utils: add R5.SP4.01Jesse Gilles1
2014-04-04ti-compat-wireless-wl12xx: add R5.SP4.01 releaseJesse Gilles8
2014-03-06curl: fix dep on openssl-native2.3.3Jesse Gilles1
2014-03-06corecdp-version: set BB_DONT_CACHE to always force parsingJesse Gilles1
2014-03-06ti-compat-wireless-r5.sp7.01: add irq edge patch for mt100eocg-pcie-dkJesse Gilles2
2014-03-06ti-compat-wireless: rename R4SP2 patch dirJesse Gilles3
2014-03-06corecdp-version: add metadata revision to PV so this always gets rebuiltJesse Gilles1
2014-03-05mtocgd,mtocgd2: use mts-io 0.8.2Jesse Gilles2
2014-03-05mts-io: add 0.8.2Jesse Gilles1
2014-03-05udev: mtocgd,mtocgd2: remove default serial modem link, remove unused modemsJesse Gilles3
2014-03-03corecdp: set version 2.3.3Jesse Gilles1
2014-03-03wl12xx-firmware_r5.sp7.01: use git proto in SRC_URIJesse Gilles1
2014-03-03ti-compat-wireless-wl12xx_r5.sp7.01: fix wl12xx version.hJesse Gilles1
2014-03-03Merge branch 'ti-wl1271-r5.sp7.01'Jesse Gilles11
2014-03-03mts-id-eeprom: add 0.2.1Jesse Gilles1
2014-02-28mtocgd, mtocgd2: use mts-io v0.8.1Jesse Gilles2
2014-02-28mt100eocg, mtcdp: use mts-id-eeprom v0.1.0Jesse Gilles3
2014-02-28mts-io: add v0.8.1, remove unused versionsJesse Gilles8
2014-02-28mts-io: power on radio on boot for mtocgd, add comments to radio-reset-h5Jesse Gilles3 add glibc-devel-static for OpenSUSE 12Jesse Gilles1 add guile-1.8 dep for Debian 7Jesse Gilles1
2014-02-28config: add 'logfile /dev/null' to ppp/optionsJesse Gilles2
2014-02-28lighttpd-1.4.28: build with openssl supportJesse Gilles1
2014-02-19Merge branch 'daughter-cards'Mike Fiore17
2014-02-19changes to (hopefully) finish MTDC-GPIOB and MTOCGD2 supportMike Fiore5