AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2020-06-12Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/gitlab/master'HEAD1.0.1masterPatrick Murphy1
2020-06-12loosened checks on legalName function to only prevent commissioning root userPatrick Murphy1
2020-06-08Merge branch 'passwd_change'Patrick Murphy1
2020-06-08changed passwd -d to passwd -l to lock instead of purge detected passwordsPatrick Murphy1
2020-06-07Merge remote-tracking branches 'origin' and 'remotes/gitlab/master'Patrick Murphy1
2020-06-07removed text fields and buttons upon successful completion of web commissioningPatrick Murphy1
2020-05-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/gitlab/master'Patrick Murphy1
2020-05-18populated rmpasswd data via passwd callPatrick Murphy1
2020-05-18Merge tag '1.0.1'Patrick Murphy1
2020-05-16renamed -> rmpasswdPatrick Murphy1
2020-05-14added to permit password resets via reset-handlerPatrick Murphy1
2020-04-23modified permissionsPatrick Murphy1
2020-04-23modified passwdPatrick Murphy1
2020-04-23added authorized passwdPatrick Murphy1
2020-04-23modified password assignmentPatrick Murphy1
2020-04-23simplified passwd callPatrick Murphy1
2020-04-23modified print request to use fprintf instead of fgetsPatrick Murphy1
2020-04-23modified password creationPatrick Murphy1
2020-04-22fixed error that mislabeld username when assigning passwordPatrick Murphy2
2020-04-22addressed missing line in useradd creationPatrick Murphy1
2020-04-13removed erroneous filePatrick Murphy1
2020-04-13fcgi commissioning 1.0Patrick Murphy9
2020-04-01reoriented repo layoutPatrick5
2020-04-01modified makefile formatPatrick5
2020-03-31addressing error in gitlab file grabPatrick1
2020-03-30early experiments of integrating w/ yocto toolchainPatrick2
2019-12-10Disallow " in password.1.0.0John Klug1
2019-12-10Disallow " in User-ID to prevent shell interpretationJohn Klug1
2019-12-10Improved Security with passwords read from stdin, length limited user-idJohn Klug1
2019-12-06Set paths consistantlyJohn Klug4
2019-12-06Add debug to /etc/init.d/commissionJohn Klug1
2019-12-06Print correct message when commissioning is disabledJohn Klug2
2019-12-06Need redirect module for lighttpdJohn Klug1
2019-12-06Remove invalid ssl-conf-cmd, fix redirect, put commission state in /runJohn Klug3
2019-12-04Fix redirect from http.John Klug1
2019-12-04Add port 80 redirect to 443John Klug1
2019-12-04Change commissioning to commission in most casesJohn Klug4
2019-12-03Commissioning is only after root file system is new and no passwordsJohn Klug2
2019-12-03http->https redirect, certificateJohn Klug1
2019-12-03Add u-boot password to commissioningJohn Klug1
2019-12-03Move to /usr/libexecJohn Klug1
2019-12-02Fix the no-commissioning case.John Klug2
2019-12-02Remove unneeded hph packageJohn Klug1
2019-12-02Start of commissioning recipeJohn Klug1
2019-12-02Allow some time after submit to shut down lighttpdJohn Klug3
2019-12-02Script to turn off commissioning serverJohn Klug1
2019-12-02Check passwords for commissioningJohn Klug1
2019-12-02Move commisioning so it is independent of default lighttpd, php-fpmJohn Klug9
2019-11-27Fix vertical line spacing issuesJohn Klug1
2019-11-27Improve spacing of error messagesJohn Klug1