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master* mdot-library 642fab0...954fb6b (1):Mike Fiore6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2016-10-20* mdot-library 642fab0...954fb6b (1):HEADmasterMike Fiore1
2016-10-18remove branch stuff from version.shMike Fiore1
2016-10-17Merge branch 'releaseCandidate0' into 'master' Mike Fiore4
2016-10-171. Move 'else' for code readability consistency.Leon Lindenfelser2
2016-10-171. Display DOT-BOX/EVB AU915/US915/EU868 on start up and main menu screens.Leon Lindenfelser4
2016-10-12* mdot-library 8b59c6b...642fab0 (1):Mike Fiore1
2016-10-12update version file name to avoid conflicts with mbed-os headersMike Fiore4
2016-10-12Submodule mdot-library f3b5de8..8b59c6b:Jason Reiss1
2016-10-03set AU/US max at DR4 and EU max at DR6Jason Reiss3
2016-10-03Update to support AU915Jason Reiss8